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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 29th January to 4th February

All rights reserved. Try and find a middle way! The only problem may be friends who seem determined to misunderstand and misconstrue your every word. You have much to boast about, but you must remember the virtues of humility! The effects of recent lunar alignments are still too strong for you to abandon important commitments or break arrangements.

Remember that as a Leo you have a duty to protect friends and relatives who are less well-off than you. Very gradually the stars are moving from a creative and personally fulfilling position, to one that is going to bring more in the way of hard work. Travel still seems to be very strongly indicated in your stars. However, journeys undertaken for purely personal reasons will be much more significant than those connected to work and other responsibilities.

Daily Horoscope

Your romantic stars are excellent and will remain so for at least another six months. Mercury, the planet of communication, takes up a more encouraging aspect to your sign, an indication that your mood is about to improve. Put forward your own unique ideas with the confidence they deserve. With Jupiter, your ruling planet, so strongly placed, what can go wrong? There is every opportunity for getting out and meeting new people. Take advantage of bright and bubbly invitations. Energetic Mars forms its next alignment with nebulous Neptune very soon, causing much confusion.