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Sagittarius and Leo compatibility in friendship

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Sagittarius can help Pisces plant its feet on the ground.

Sagittarius as Vines

These two elements can form a great couple if they give in a little, using innate understanding of situations and people to get matters resolved. Pisces can offer Sagittarius direction and help them learn to be gentler, while Sagittarius teaches Pisces to go out and explore the world.

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This couple will enjoy traveling together. Conversely, too much Fire can boil the Water and leave Pisces steaming. Sagittarius and Pisces must use their perceptive skills to enhance the relationship, always focusing on what the other needs. Sagittarius and Pisces are both Mutable Signs.

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Neither partner feels a need to dominate the relationship. They enjoy equality and like to see their ideas come to fruition. Pisces gets great happiness from helping Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Pisces enjoy dreaming up ideas and putting them into action. No one is preoccupied with end results; for this couple, the fun is in the journey!

This sign is interested in the meaning of everything and is drawn to religion and philosophy to find answers. You can find them reading, writing about their adventures or collecting souvenirs from their travels. They are always willing to try new food and ideas.

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The colors most associated with a Sagittarius are rich colors like deep blue. Alternatively, you will find them leaning towards, purples, reds, and violets because a Sagittarius can be moody at times and these colors, are calming and relaxing. The color purple is lucky to a Sagittarius. Orange and yellow are great colors for this sign because a Sagittarius can be restless and these bright colors promote stability and love. Black can also be a good color for a Sagittarius because it is associated with taking risks.

The liver is a problem area for the Sagittarius sign. Because of this, they should avoid alcohol. Silica is important for the liver, therefore, a Sagittarius should eat foods high in this mineral. Examples include fruits, raw salads, green peppers and other green vegetables. A Sagittarius should have a diet high in protein, for example, broiled chicken and fish, and vegetables like beets and tomatoes. If you know a Sagittarius, or you are one yourself, get out this month and have a great time! Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

Did you know Crystals also correspond to our Zodiac signs? If you want to attract positive vibes, you should keep your Zodiac Crystals with you at all times. Birthstones are a major source of energy and bring positivity to your life. This crystal will bring luck and good fortune. If you ever feel powerless, overwhelmed or are lacking self-confidence, Bronzite can certainly help you to feel more grounded. When planning for the future this crystal can alleviate any feelings of doubt and will help you make more effective decisions. While a Sagittarius sometimes be aggressive in their pursuit of risks, they can also be restless and impatient.

Overall, Bronzite will help them take responsibility for their actions while ensuring they follow through with their plans.

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Citrine is a gem of manifestation. It carries the light of the sun and will always bring happiness to your day. Use Citrine to attract wealth and abundance into your life. Pretty cute, right? Hey Leo, you already know that you're super creative and passionate.

Sagittarius Facts

But have you ever used that to your advantage in your career? If not, you may want to give it a try. Just a fun fact that may earn you some extra bucks. Virgo, you are super hardworking, analytical, and practical. And you know it. So your fun fact may not come as much of a surprise. But, as Stellhorn tells me, you and your fellow Virgos have always been the highest achieves in school. Since you know how to study and always study hard you're almost always the top of your class.

As a Libra, you probably already know that you're the most cooperate , fair-minded, and social of the Zodiac. But did you know that Libra is also the sign of beauty? As Stellhorn tells me, Libras often have a dimple on their cheek as a result. Scorpios are the most passionate of all the signs , often feeling the feels in every aspect of their life — relationships, work, hobbies, etc.

Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets

But Scorpios also have a physical trait that sets them apart, Stellhorn tells me. This is a widow's peak. You know, the triangular point of hair that comes down in the center of the forehead, kind of like Wednesday Addams. So chic. As far as signs go, none are more generous or idealistic than the Sagittarius.